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....You've got yourself a shitload of expensive kit featuring all the latest gizmos and gadgets - You're vinyl collection has taken years of blood, sweat and tears to aquire and what do you go and do - You sandwich them together with 12" black scouring pads! .....

....Ok, so you get my drift - How about a little TLC for your decks - Baby soft Slipmats that caress the vinyl while offering exactly the right degree of slip and control - Oh and did I mention that they're available in a range of funky designs with your name, tag or phrase, or even a full custom design and that you only need to buy 1 pair1 and they're only gonna cost you a measly £20! and they're probably the best Slips you could ever lay your hands on........

Slikmat blanks are manufactured to a special recipe of synthetic and natural fibre blends to create a super soft but resilient fabric with just the right amount of "give". We do not supply our blanks to any other manufacturers and print all of our products in house - turning around custom orders in just 24 - 48 hours!

Unlike the mass produced "scouring pad" slipmats our slips are printed using the very latest teqhniques which leave no tactile print on the surface of the slipmat - the finished Slikmats are as soft and smooth on the surface as they were prior to the print, because the inks are transferred deep into the fibres, rather like a rug or carpet.


Pre and post printing operations ensure that the Slikmats remain soft and supple - unlike similar competitive products that tend to have a plasticy feel and appearence. The colour too is impressive in terms of vibrancy and the level of detail that can be achieved is near photo realistic.


Computerised printing allows for full colour without the plate making or set up fees and enables us to offer our customers 1 off custom designs.The same flexibility is available for larger orders, where 1 off pre production samples can run off and mailed out in under 24 hours!


Personalised products attract a premium in any market and Slikmats are priced within the top end of the slipmat market, however the custom capabilities and quality of the finished product make them extremely good value for money.


Slikmats receive rave reviews with most of the reviewers ordering their own custom sets - We've seen DMC finalists ditch their tried and trusted rugs in favour of Slikmats during a competition bout - now that's faith for you! - some DJ's even claim their techniques have improved since switching to Slikmats and almost all DJ's who have actually tried them have concluded that they are without doubt, the best slipmats that they have used to date.


Bold claims perhaps, but as the saying goes, "Don't knock 'em until you try 'em"!
Oh, and we're pretty good on the customer service side of things too - We go out of our way to help our customers, no matter how demanding.


Online ordering is available for standard and customs design and we ship anywhere in the world too.




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