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Custom Custom Slipmats 01 | Same Image on each Slipmat

Custom Custom Slipmats 01 | Same Image on each Slipmat

Upload Your Custom Slipmats Design.Order this product if you want the same design on each slipmat.

Sold in PAIRS:

QTY 1 = 1 Pair (2 Custom Slipmats).

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Availability: QTY 1 equals 1 Pair Custom Slipmats (2 Slipmats)


Add your DJ Name, Tag or Phrase below - Type NONE for No Text. ____________________________ CUSTOM SLIPMATS ONLY - Please add uploaded FILENAME\S also

IMPORTANT - Make a note of the EXACT filenames that you uploaded and type them  in the "Text Box" above, so we know which images are yours!

custom Slipmats can be as complex as a complete design created by an artist or merely a photo or image which you upload and we add some extra text to it for you. Firstly if you have not yet done so, please upload your custom slipmats design.

You have the option of the same image on each slipmat or a different image on each slipmat - select your desired option after uploading your images.

If you want us to add additional text type your requirements in the text window above. We will print your text exactly as entered so please be certain that it is correct.

You can also add any specific instructions here too.

To Complete your order click the "Add to Cart" button and then "Checkout".

Your Custom Slipmats will generally ship out within 2448 hours of receipt of order.



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