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Slipmats | Custom Slipmats Testimonials

These testimonials are a selection from the many unsolicited emails we receive, regarding the quality of our Slipmats, and just as important, the high standard of customer service that we offer..

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Thank you so much!!!

  • Submitted By: Stephanie Thompson

I ordered these slip mats because the design my boyfriend wanted didn't exist. I sent my designs in to Gaz and the result is amazing! Such a great finish and they look amazing. I'm so pleased. Such good value for such an amazing product! Thank you so much, he's going to love them!!!! Will definitely buy from here again!!!


  • Submitted By: william marrero

just my silpmats and u did a good job on them keep up the good work .

thank you very much

  • Submitted By: Alison Foster

Dear Slikmats, I just wanted to send you a email saying thank you very much for all your help! i got the slipmats yesturday and they look great......ur help has been above and beyond what most people will do ( even in the same country ) So once again thank you very much....hope he will like them as much as i do! im sure i will be ordering more from your company in the future. Have a wonderful christmas and new year! Alison Foster

excellent job and the excellent quality

  • Submitted By: Neil

I have recently ordered a pair of customized slipmats with my own design and created by slikmats. I am just contacting you say thank you for the excellent job and the excellent qulity that your services provide. I suggest a feedback section be added to your website where customers can give their good word about your products. I will certainly be shopping with slikmats again. Regards, Neil

Your product is awesome

  • Submitted By: Jay Dub

Your product is awesome. I recently lost my fravorite pair that I had for about 8 years and bought a pair of Technics out of Guitar Center. I knew they would be temporary due to the ugly graphics and cheapness of the slipmat but could not go more than a week without spinning. It really felt like hard plastic with stickers on top. SUCKED. Needless to say my design that I created for the order I placed through you came shipped exactly as expected plus some. The quality of the print is unbelievable and I was amazed at how the surface of the mat is still as soft as pre-print. I can also tell that they will last for a long time. And last but not least, the price was unbelievable for a true custom print job. Feel free to post my image anywhere you'd like and thanks again for the great product. Jay Dub

Fast Delivery

  • Submitted By: Trevor

Hi Slikmats, Just to thank you very much for the fast delivery of the J Daniel mats, my son was well pleased with them, and if he ever wants anymore I can assure you we will be back in touch. A job well done by you, and the team. Regards, Trevor.

Mega quick turnaround and mega service

  • Submitted By: Stephen Howson

Cheers lads, I cannot tell you how made up I am about the slipmats I received this monring. Firstly you sorted us out, when I thought I was probably being a bit awkward, you sent me the mock up of how it was gonna look, you never said you'd be doin the design in the 2 colours I asked for. I ordered them yesterday, and when the postie knocks on this morning I really wasnt expecting my slik new slips!! Mega quick turnaround and mega service. Im gutted Ive got no requirement for some more now (yet)!! I've been sending picture messages all day showing everyone how good they look. The price is class to, £21.90 delivered, cant argue, probably £2 more expensive each, than regulars, but personalised and top top quality mats. Thanks again boys - EXCELLENT!!!!! Stephen Howson

My Slipmats Look Brilliant

  • Submitted By: Gavin

Hi Gaz I got my slipmats. Or should I say Slikmats. I'm VERY happy - they look brilliant. I've had a spin at home too and they really are bloody good slipmats. The printing is crisp and the colours are really really strong. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Best Gavin

Fantastic Work

  • Submitted By: Marta

Today I receive my package, it's great ! I write you to say that you have made a fantastic work. I'd love my slipmats. Congratulations for the page, in Spain there isn't any similar. Thanks you very much ! Marta

A Massive Thanks

  • Submitted By: Jamie

Just e-mailing to let you guys know the slipmats arrived a.ok Incredibly impressed, so a massive thanks to you and the designer for making my turntable playtime even more enjoyable, if not a little disorientating when playing 45's Cheers Guys Jamie

Jason Wants More

  • Submitted By: jason couture

just wondering how i can go about getting another pair shipped out to me. i like these so much that i want a seperate pair to take with me and use at the club. is it possible to reprint the same picture as my previous order? i would like this additional set to be EXACTLY the same as my previous order. if possible you can use the same credit card info as last time...or if you nedd it again i can provide it for you. let me know....thanks. jason couture

Very Impressed

  • Submitted By: Steffi Smart

HELLOOOOOOOO!! YOU HAVE ONE HAPPY STEFFI ON YOUR HANDS! My goodness, they’re FANTASTIC! Awww, thank you so much, I know I paid, you provided and all that….but still worth a big, big thank you and a Crimbo kiss from me! Mwah! I’ll definately be ordering more bits from you in the future….I am very impressed with the quality of the felt and I know these are going to go down a TREAT! - He will love them! Take care and thanks again Steffi Smart :o) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Great Service

  • Submitted By: Debra

hi Gaz, thanks very much for your great service and excellent work!!! these record mats are cool. you really came through when we had a close event and appreciate your top notch customer service skills!!! we look forward to doing much business with you guys soon. peace, Debra

Quick Turnaround

  • Submitted By: Sylvain

Man I can't believe how quickly you guys turned out my order !!! I ordered yesterday around lunch time and I received my slipmats this morning (Sat). Thanks heaps for such a great service and the slipmats are awesome. Will most definitely be ordering more from you in the future. Cheers, Sylvain

One Happy Customer

  • Submitted By: Elaine Bennett

Received the mats this morning and they are fantastic. My b'friend loved them - he is well impressed and is gonna have a look at ur website. He is also gonna post it on the scottish drum and bass website - so you never know what business you will get from it. They are exactly what I was looking for and I just wanted to say thanks for your help and advice. I think the service you provided was great and wish more companies were as efficient as yours. Thanks Again! Elaine Bennett :-) One Happy Silkmats Customer ;-)))))


  • Submitted By: nicol

They are so breath-taking … I cannot thank you enough. Nicol Nicol Fiala Administration Manager Avro|KO

Extremely Happy

  • Submitted By: Niki Apostolovski

I just wanted to let your company know that I am extremely happy with my slipmats and they came in the time frame that was promised. The picture I sent is very clear and the DJ name is placed perfectly. This is going to be a Christmas gift and I think this truly is one of the best gifts you can buy a DJ. Thank you very much. Niki Apostolovski

Slipmats Happy Customer

  • Submitted By: DJ Hector

Gaz, I just received my slipmats today Friday 21, what a nice job and fast delivery. I'm a very happy customer. Do you print on t-shirts too? do you have big sizes? Give me some more information about the different kind of jobs you do. Like the personal touch you add to your company by answering the emails so fast, it makes customers feel confidence about slikmats.com Take care and thank you in advance DJ Hector "The Detector"

Fantastic Slipmats

  • Submitted By: Chris

Hi Gaz, just got my slipmats through the post, they look fantastic really happy with what you sent, once i get my site up and running i will look forward to doing more business with you. All the best, have a good weekend. Regards Chris Bud-In-Dj Records

The Dogs Bollox

  • Submitted By: Derek

Hi Gaz Got the slimats yesterday. Superb quality and prompt delivery, cheers. I have a few friends who DJ so will definitely berecommending you guys! Derek - hahahahahah gaz m8 they r the dogs bollox!! fuckin minter!! big respect lad!!! ill be orderin some more off ya soon!

150% Impressed!

  • Submitted By: Hayley

Hiya i received my slipmats today and wow!!!how good!!!150%impressed,top quality, good looking value for money and wicked customer service!!Thank you very much for all your help with my product. Hayley

Fuckin Dope

  • Submitted By: Chris

Recieved the mats this morning, firstly can i say hoooge thanks, they are fuckin dope!!! I'll certainly be spreading the word about your products. There is however a slight problem in that i ordered and paid for 2 pairs and only recieved the one! I've rang your office and they've said that they'll despatch another pair, if you speed them thru a bit i'd really appreciate it. Secondly, can i order another pair by using the same method as before - these are a christmas present for a friend so i could do with them asap. If you can do them in the same design as mine but the name across the middle to be 'DJ SPARRA' and in smaller script underneath '92/93 DMC UK CHAMPION'. I'll place the order thru web site & type in 'sparra' as the the image upload name so you'll know it's me, hope this is ok?? Please confirm by return e-mail Many thanks again mate WEET ( Chris )

Will order more

  • Submitted By: Happy Pro DJ

The slikmats are mad nice. I've used all sorts of mats before now and eventually settled on Butterrugs. But they've been replace by the slikmats now. Aside from having my logo all over them, I like the stability the offer - I find I have that extra margin of cushioning and it allows me to be slight more heavy handed on the decks and improve my skills. Top review coming soon. I'll need a few more making but that will have to wait till new year.

Sooooooo Pleased

  • Submitted By: Rob

Hi! Just got back from another great weekend andnoticed the Slikmats package at my front door. I have to tell you I was soo very pleased when I opened it and saw the slipmats you designed. Thank you very much for everything ! I will provide more feedback next weekend when I bring them to the club and put them on the decks in the booth. In addition, I will take a nice photo of them "in action" and send you the image. There's a very good chance I will be ordering more of these (even if they're just for myself!). Thank you again, Regards, Rob -- hom Nightclub

Excellent Service

  • Submitted By: Happy Customer

Got them yesterday -- EXCELLENT SERVICE. Thanks soooo much !!!

Nice Work

  • Submitted By: DJK

received!!! what a nice work man!!! I really like it! its amazing and honestly I did not expect such a result. Thanks again - dont stop this service :D DJK

Fantastic Slipmats

  • Submitted By: Richard Sara

Hello Mats are fantastic, it was my first time with Paint Shop, I will be back for more better designs soon. Kind Regards Richard Sara

email to say thanks

  • Submitted By: Beth

The slip mats arrived with plenty of time for my friend's birthday and he was over the moon when he saw them. They looked really good and he will be christening them on the decks tonight.. Thanks for all your help, I should think you'll be getting quite a few orders in from from Leeds now and I will certainly be recommending you to all my friends.

Brilliant Slipmats

  • Submitted By: sunil

hi, i would like to say that the slipmats i received the other day is brilliant. me and my mates are very impressed with them. i told my mates about the website, and i will definatly be ordering some more slipmats of you. keep up the good work

Slipmats | fast Turnaround

  • Submitted By: Happy Customer

Oi OI dude! Just 2 let u know. My personalised (Loud'n'Proud) slikmats arrived 2day. Only ordered them 2 days ago. What a quick turn around. Well done on that score. I run an organisation that plays hard/uplifting trance nights in and around Cornwall. Some of our proceeds go 2 local charities. I bought the slickmats 4 nmy own personal use. I own a pair of Vestax PDX 2000. The torque on these as u probably know is very strong. I have b'n find it difficult 2 back spin with standard slipmats. As soon as i put u'r Slikmats on my decks,i had a go at this. What a result! Just the ticket 4 the Vestax. What a great combination. These Slikmats will b on every turntable we spin.

Awesome Slipmats

  • Submitted By: Josh

Hey Gaz how are you? Just letting you know that my slipmats arrived Down Under no problem at all so thanks for that. They look awesome!! Cheers and thanks again...



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